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As well as helping people find jobs, Global Career Link likes to share its insight and knowledge into job market trends and market intelligence with job seekers, employers and recruitment agencies. This information hub contains articles written from the perspective of job seekers.

UK Sponsorship – The Reality for Aussies & Kiwis

Global Career Link has helped over 30,000 Australasian professionals to find jobs in the UK in the last 15 years and believes UK visa changes have little impact on the ability of Australasians to work in the UK, contrary to current media coverage of changes to the Tier 2 General Visa.

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UK Increase Visa Allocation For Australasians

Recent news suggests the ‘love affair’ the UK has for skilled Australasian professionals is waning

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UK Market Demand – May 2015

UK demand remains strong, job lead time increases

Prospects for Australasian professionals in the United Kingdom job market continue to be healthy on the back of ongoing strong demand, although the length of time to secure a job spiked in May 2015.

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