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UK Increase Visa Allocation For Australasians

Recent news suggests the ‘love affair’ the UK has for skilled Australasian professionals is waning

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Demand for Australasian professionals at a seven-year high & more available UK work visas suggests otherwise.


Restrictions to the availability of UK sponsorship visas needed to employ non-EU citizens continue to grab the headlines. Migration and the ability of UK business to access talent from outside the EU is a hot political topic in the UK. However, no one country has been targeted. It is an issue for all UK-based businesses, not just Australians.


With two-thirds of Australasians that Global Career Link helps entering the UK on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa, this issue does not affect most Australasians professionals heading to the UK. Suggestions that Australasians are being disadvantaged or less welcome are misleading.


It is important to note that it is the Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa which most Australians and New Zealanders use to work in the UK, not the Tier 2 General visa that is more restricted. Indeed, the British Government has increased the availability of the Tier 5 visas by increasing the allocation for Australian and New Zealand nationals by 7,500 and 1,000 respectively in 2016.


Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa Allocation - 2016


While that is good news, encouraging enough Australasians to get on a plane to London to fully use the new visa allocation might be a bigger challenge.


Due to a multitude of reasons, the number of Australasians heading to the UK has fallen significantly over the past decade. According to Home Office immigration statistics, entry clearance visas granted to Australian and New Zealand nationals haven fallen more than 40% from a peak of 49,000 in 2005 to 28,000 in 2014.


UK Visas Granted to Australasians - 2005 to 2014


Numbers have increased slightly over the past couple of years, however, there is no reason to believe there will be a significant turnaround any time soon. This is a shame because the UK job market is experiencing skills shortages which are forecast to worsen.


Even in the face of increased competition from other nationalities heading to the UK, demand for skilled Australasian professional has never been stronger.


UK Interview Acceptance Rate - 2009 to 2015


Over the past three years, Global Career Link has seen UK demand for Australasian professionals continue to grow. In 2015 nearly 90% of job seekers that Global Career Link introduced to UK recruiters were accepted for interview, compared with 83% in the previous year.


Global Career Link does not want to see the negative press about visa options affect people’s decisions about making a move to the UK. Although competition is high, if you have the skills then there are plenty of opportunities in the UK.

Do your research before you believe attention-grabbing headlines. If you are unsure, then contact us to discuss your situation.



Bernie Kelly

Managing Director

Global Career Link


8 January 2016