How We Work

We run targeted campaigns.

Through our Borderless Talent community hub, we run campaigns targeting people with specific skills. The job seeker solutions offered by Borderless Talent create a number channels for global partners to engage with our job seeker community:

Talent Marketing

Marketing job seekers in one country to global partners in another

Our talent marketing program by-passes traditional channels such as job boards and gives our global partners first access to international talent.

We have successfully run this program for 15 years. More than 90% of job seekers we introduce to our global partners are accepted for interview before they arrive, and most are working within 6 weeks.


Connecting global partners with job seekers who want to go it alone

For job seekers who are comfortable conducting their own global job search, we provide direct connections to employers and recruiters in different professions and countries around the world.


Promoting global opportunities to the Borderless Talent community

We facilitate seminar and webinar events for job seekers which provide information directly from the “coalface” and create an opportunity for global partners to connect directly with international job seekers looking for a job in another country.


Listing and promoting jobs for global partners searching internationally for the best talent